Easterseals Crossroads has been a constant in the Indianapolis landscape for over 80 years; Crossroads Industrial Services is a division of Easterseals Crossroads, which was established by a small group of parents to meet the needs of their children with disabilities. Today Easterseals Crossroads offers an expansive variety of programs and services specifically designed to meet the needs of persons with disabilities throughout the life span.  Our services touch the lives of over 88,000 individuals;  we are the “go to” resource for people of all  ages, regardless of disability. That will not change.

Throughout our history, we’ve adapted our approach whenever the needs of people with disabilities have changed; with COVID-19, we have felt drastic changes within a matter of a few weeks. This pandemic has created upheaval for our community and those we serve.

  • People who depend on our in-facility services such as adult day, early childhood programs and respite are temporarily struggling to make their days meaningful.
  • People with autism who often depend on routine and stability as a framework for successfully achieving their goals have had their worlds turned upside down.
  • Families of children with disabilities who rely on therapy services for continued healthy development are at a loss.
  • Homeless veterans and job seekers with disabilities are finding it almost impossible to find employment and/or maintain current employment.

Now more than ever, Easterseals Crossroads is needed in this community. But we have been affected; we are facing challenges ourselves. Our staff does not have access to the traditional means of delivering services and are learning new ways through technology. Like many other nonprofits, our organization is taking a significant financial hit as we continue to support our employees so that they can be there for the people who need us.

  • Our therapists are rapidly adapting to the provision of telehealth as a temporary solution for physical, occupational and speech therapy.
  • Our direct support staff are providing in-home adult day services so that family members with essential jobs can continue to work.
  • Our school to work staff are helping our students with disabilities stay on track for graduation and eventual employment.

Many of you have asked us what we need. It is critical for us to gather our community partners, our donors, our friends and our staff in an effort to continue to be the resource that any one of us could need at any point in our lives. Our world may have changed – and it will continue to change – but our purpose, dedication and adaptability will continue to evolve and respond. You can help!

  • You can join in on our social media campaign #StayGrateful. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share! Let’s share the good news about how we are adapting, staying relevant and thriving.
  • If you’re able, you can donate via our website so that our staff can be there for others in this time of need.
  • And you can check on your friends and neighbors who have disabilities. Social distancing shouldn’t mean social isolation.
  • Thank you for your ongoing support of this organization.

Let’s stay close across the distance, and let’s stay grateful.