Compact, Sensitive Air Pressure Switch

The JD-2 switch is a compact, sensitive air pressure switch made of rugged die-cast aluminum. It features an adjustable set point, set point indication and visible ON-OFF indicator to provide the accuracy and reliability you need. Available in five range scales.

  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
  • Visible ON-OFF indicator
  • Dual scales calibrated in millimeters and inches of water column
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Custom design per OEM specifications available

This item is available in the following models:

JD-2R801111303Red0.1" to 24" W.C. (3 mm to 600 mm)
JD-2P801111310Purple0.1" to 10" W.C. (3 mm to 250 mm)
JD-20801111315Orange5.0" to 35" W. C. (125 mm to 875 mm)
JD-2G801111302Grey0.1" to 4" W.C. (3 mm to 102 mm)
JD-2B801111301Blue0.07" to 1.7" (2 mm to 43 mm)

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