An Indianapolis Resource for Decades

Since 1939, Crossroads Industrial Services, a division of Easterseals Crossroads, has been providing companies with flexible, customized manufacturing, assembly and supply chain solutions that augment customers’ production capabilities while lowering operational costs. Throughout its long history of serving as a virtual factory to companies that seek the business advantage of focusing on their core competencies, Crossroads has remained focused on social responsibility and employing those with disabilities.

Born in Indiana — the heart of the crossroads of America — Crossroads was formed when a group of teenagers with disabilities initiated a social activity program producing and selling handicrafts. The organization quickly evolved into a complex industrial services provider whose production facilities are staffed primarily by those with disabilities. We’ve been serving companies since 1985 out of its 68,000-square-foot production facility located in Indianapolis.

At Crossroads, our professionals take pride in providing companies with efficient, high-quality manufacturing, assembly and supply chain management solutions. Between our training programs and the care we take in matching each individual with a project that brings out his or her strengths, we are able to meet strict industry standards, such as ISO 9001, FDA, UL and military compliance regulations, and also impact the quality of life of those affected by disability.

Our Continued Growth and Recognition of Quality Service

Crossroads grew rapidly and began serving the Department of Defense in 1998 after it was awarded a NISH contract, and has since received a Letter of Commendation from the Secretary of the Army for “accelerated delivery” of Combat ID Panels, a Certificate of Meritorious Achievement and a Memorandum of Appreciation from the Defense Contract Management Association (DCMA). In 2009, Crossroads exceeded the milestone of building more than 100,000 Combat ID Panel Kids used to protect soldiers.

In 2010, Crossroads established two new recycling businesses — for polystyrene and for used books. The following year, Crossroads was nominated as a Sustainability Award Finalist by the City of Indianapolis for its recycling achievements.

Recently, exceptional company growth allowed the acquisition of a document services business, and now Crossroads offers scanning capabilities of all types of black and white and color documents, including large-format drawings, prints, photos and business cards.