Document Services Employee Spotlight

Celebrating Ability with Sue and Delbert

Sue left the US Army in 1990 after almost ten years of active military service and then began working at the Fort Harrison Finance Center in Indianapolis processing military paychecks. Due to her congestive heart failure, Sue had to quit her job.

She turned to volunteering when she started to feel stronger and she spent many years volunteering for Anne Traub in the Human Resources department at Crossroads Industrial Services. As Sue’s health continued to improve, Anne and Sue turned to the Employment Division at Easter Seals Crossroads and sought assistance in researching part-time employment.

Sue was quickly hired for a document scanning and preparation position with Mary Jo Gremling as her supervisor. “Sue’s attention to detail is exactly what is needed in document preparation. Companies entrust us with their documents and Sue is just the right employee for that trust, “ said Mary Jo.

Sue continues to be a volunteer for two organizations in addition to being a regular part-time employee at Crossroads Industrial Services. She wants to continue to make a difference for others because she feels so fortunate. “Sue lives her life making a very big difference for many people,” said Mary Jo.

Crossroads Industrial Services’ Document Scanning division offers comprehensive document management solutions. Utilizing our services to convert all types of documents into digital format provides our customers with an affordable, easy-to-access and secure archiving alternative to paper record storage.

Also featured in the video below is Delbert’s story. Delbert is a US Army veteran who faced unemployment. He found Veteran Services at Easter Seals Crossroads and his situation quickly changed. “Easter Seals Crossroads believed in me and what I could do. They helped me find employment opportunities and gave me the confidence that I had misplaced,” said Delbert.