For over 80 years, Easterseals Crossroads has been actively engaged in helping individuals with disabilities achieve their greatest levels of independence. Crossroads Industrial Services is a division of Easterseals Crossroads and supports many of the programs and services. Independence is what inspires us, motivates us, drives us; independence is what we celebrate with those who come through our door.

Independence does not happen quickly; it can take many years. It can fluctuate — it can improve — it can decline. Behind every independent moment at Easterseals Crossroads is a team who plans, practices, encourages, guides and celebrates — a team who stands with our families and spends many behind-the-scenes hours in preparation for a moment of independence.

Behind the scenes is where all the good stuff happens. It is where a teenager with autism gets behind the wheel for the first time; the first independent drive can be many months later. It is where a child with cerebral palsy takes her first independent step after years of therapy. It is where a young adult with a learning disability earns his first paycheck after 12 months of looking for that first job.

It takes a community to support our behind-the-scenes work. We rely heavily on our devoted staff who share our mission to make profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day. In addition to our staff, we cannot thrive without our partners, sponsors, advocates, volunteers, supporters and donors. We cannot do what we do without support from people who know that independence takes work, time, and money; people who know that community support is what enables Easterseals Crossroads to do what it does best.

Donations help us assist children and adults achieve milestones in independence. Your contribution supports our mission to promote inclusion, independence and dignity for the many people whose lives are affected by disability or special needs.

Your donation made now through December 31 is matched through the generosity of a matching gift sponsor. Donate today and double the impact of your gift!

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