Versa Plus Gas switchVersa Plus Gas

The Versa Plus Gas is a gas pressure switch that accurately monitors pressure and breaks the electrical control when pressure rises above or drops below the desired set point. It is made with a durable plastic enclosure and a die-cast aluminum inlet base.

  • Ventless design
  • Adjustable gas pressure settings
  • Manual or automatic reset operation
  • Ambient temperature range: 5° F to 180° F
  • Mounts to any modular valve body
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Custom design per OEM specifications available

This item is available in the following models:

SwitchModelResetRangeOperating Pressure
FGM-L1368271004136ManualLow Range17 to 136 mbar
FGM-L0758271003075ManualLow Range12 to 75 mbar
FGM-L0508271002050ManualLow Range2.5 to 50 mbar
FGM-L0108271001010ManualLow Range1.2 to 10 mbar
FGM-H1508271007150ManualHigh Range25 to 150 mbar
FGM-H0878271006087ManualHigh Range20 to 87 mbar
FGM-H0508271005050ManualHigh Range5 to 50 mbar
FGA-L1108261003110AutomaticLow Range12 to 110 mbar
FGA-L0508261002050AutomaticLow Range2.5 to 50 mbar
FGA-L0108261001010AutomaticLow Range1.2 to 10 mbar
FGA-H0878261007087AutomaticHigh Range12 to 87 mbar
FGA-H0508261006050AutomaticHigh Range5 to 50 mbar
FGA-H010826100 5010AutomaticHigh Range2 to 10 mbar

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