For over 80 years, Crossroads Industrial Services has provided outsourced manufacturing and assembly services for companies across the country of all sizes within a wide range of industries. Crossroads is led by experienced business and manufacturing professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality services.

Jeff Gore
Product Manager

Product Manager Jeff Gore oversees all of Crossroads’ packaging and assembly services, as well as ensures strict safety and ISO standards are met. In his 24 years with the company, He has been instrumental in receiving and maintaining Crossroads’ ISO 9001 registration. He is also responsible for leading the efforts to attain FDA registration for the reprocessing of single use medical devices. Outside of work, Jeff can often be found sharing his extensive ISO 9001 knowledge as a presenter at many industry conferences. Not only does he support those with disabilities through Crossroads, but Jeff is also a seasoned presenter for the Indiana Association for Rehabilitation Facilities, which supports and strengthens the system of services for Hoosiers with disabilities.

Greg Roberts
Product Manager

Product Manager Greg Roberts manages all program aspects that support on-time delivery of quality product to the Department of Defense. His responsibilities include manufacturing and production floor management, and purchasing and supplier sourcing and development. Greg has received several awards from military commanders for his role in ensuring Crossroads meets demanding quality and production needs, including the tripling of production capacity during a wartime surge. Additionally, Greg was appointed a leadership role for Source America’s 2012 and 2014 Grass Roots Conference, which leads a national effort to lobby in Washington, D.C. on behalf of Source America and individuals with disabilities. Greg was also named Source America’s 2006 Unsung Hero of the Year.