At Crossroads Industrial Services, we provide customized manufacturing, assembly and supply chain support for companies of all sizes within a wide range of industries including military, medical, automotive and transportation, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and industrial. As a 9001:2015 certified company, we consistently uphold strict standards through our established process controls and quality systems, no matter the industry.

All along the contract manufacturing and supply chain continuum, Crossroads provides a unique benefit to its customers including:

Flexibility in Staffing

Crossroads provide flexible, scalable and reliable solutions that help clients respond to evolving product demands. We offer variable manufacturing costs for very low to medium volume production that accommodate a changing landscape, as well as a predictable fixed cost model for when your production needs are consistent.

Scalability in Production

Crossroads serves as a virtual factory. We work as a scalable extension of businesses and provide the facility, services and qualified staff all in one place so we can be responsive to customers’ needs — while they can focus on business growth.

Turnkey Manufacturing Partner

As a full-service partner, Crossroads Industrial Services offers comprehensive solutions all along the manufacturing and supply chain continuum, from contract assembly and metal fabrication to just-in-time packaging and shipping to recycling needs. Our extensive network of reliable vendor partners that help us provide customized, quality services at every step of the production process.