CareCycle Partnership Expands Business

CareCycle Partnership Expands Business

CareCycle logo - circular arrows and company name CareCycle, owned by Lance DeNardin, Brian Evans and Randy Randall, has partnered  with Crossroads Industrial Services, a division of Easter Seals Crossroads, for the past 3 years to set up and run their reprocessed fluid management system manifold business within the Crossroads facility. Set-up and preparation for this work required a dedicated area and installation of new equipment within the Crossroads facility. Detailed written policies and procedures to meet FDA standards and regulations were also established. Crossroads has provided proper training for the employees working on this job to follow the FDA standards that are critical to its success.

Crossroads’ work for CareCycle involves cleaning, disinfecting and reprocessing plastic manifolds, which are components of the fluid management systems used in hospital operating rooms. Hospitals collect the used manifolds in special containers that are then shipped directly to Crossroads for disassembly, cleaning / disinfecting, inspection, and redistribution back to the hospitals. This is a green initiative that saves plastic from the landfills and helps the environment. Reprocessing these devices lowers hospital costs by providing reprocessed parts that were previously discarded after a single use. Each device can be recycled up to 10 times, diverting tons of plastic from entering the landfills.

Lance DeNardin stated “Many of our customers are aligned with our mission of saving money, diverting medical waste and creating jobs for adults with disabilities in our community. Our affiliation with Crossroads has definitely expanded our business.”

As a result of our successful joint efforts, Crossroads has employed up to four employees on this job, and most recently a cleaning technician, to lead the reprocessing of all the CareCycle fluid system manifolds.

Crossroads is excited about the future and continuation of its partnership with CareCycle as we look forward to providing the needed excellent reprocessing services to grow the business, help the environment, reduce medical costs and provide additional employment!

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Document Scanning Solutions for Rexnord Corporation

Document Scanning Solutions for Rexnord Corporation

image of two workers scanning documents

Crossroads Document Services recently completed a huge assignment for Rexnord Corporation, a bearing manufacturer located in Indianapolis. In March 2014, Rexnord contracted with Crossroads Document Services to scan all of the equipment operations/maintenance and quality manuals, totaling several hundred volumes, from their Indianapolis and Tennessee facilities. Most of these manuals were originals for equipment that had been in use for years, and many volumes showed significant wear and tear.

CDS scanned the manuals into legible images, providing a digital archive that allows access by multiple personnel and ensures the books will not be lost or deteriorate any further. At Rexnord’s request, CDS also provided clean paper copies printed from the digital files.

That project was completed in batches over the course of a year and utilized up to five employees to prep, scan and index the manuals. The success and excellent results of that project prompted a recommendation from Rexnord’s Purchasing Dept. to their Design & Engineering Department to use CDS for another even bigger job.

In March 2015, Rexnord’s Indianapolis Design & Engineering Department was faced with the daunting task of ensuring the security and access of their entire collection of large format engineering and facilities drawings, dating back to the early 1900s when the company was owned by Link Belt. Those drawings, totaling over 60,000, were their only copies, stored in 13 cabinets in the Indianapolis facility, and many of the originals were deteriorating badly. Rexnord needed a document solution to preserve these drawings and their history.

An insurance auditor recommended they have the drawings scanned. As a result of the previous excellent work and results delivered by Crossroads Document Services on the Maintenance project, CDS was chosen by the Design & Engineering Dept. to provide Rexnord’s document solution.

Each cabinet was picked up and delivered to and from Crossroads by the Crossroads transportation team. Every large format drawing from every cabinet was handled by the Crossroads Document Services team in a multi-step process that required a high level of complex judgment at every step. Because the documents spanned nearly a hundred years, there was a wide range of drawing types and conditions, requiring a variety of scanner settings to ensure excellent image capture to create the digital drawing archive for future reference.

Each digital drawing file was reviewed for quality and named with multiple fields, including drawing number, title, part numbers, machine numbers, etc. This data was then entered into spreadsheets, along with additional information about each document.

Mary Jo Gremling, Manager of Crossroads Document Services, is very proud of her team and their excellent work. “I’ve been in the imaging business for over 13 years, and I know this job was technically difficult, but we have a highly-skilled crew that was up to the challenge. Special recognition goes to Sue Shinholt, who scanned most of the 60,000-plus drawings, and to Juanita Grant, who had to become very familiar with Rexnord’s machine and part numbers to enter most of the data over the course of the project.”

This job employed about six people at CDS, with two employees working exclusively on it for over a year and three to four others involved at various phases. The project was completed in June 2016 with excellent results and rave reviews from Rexnord’s Design & Engineering Department: “[We are] elated with the scans. This is going to really help us having these older drawings on file electronically, particularly with searchable data. Thank all of you for all your hard work.”

Caption left: Sue Shinholt became a large format scanning expert as she imaged most of the 60,000-plus Rexnord drawings. Caption right: Chrissy Shreves scanned many of the Rexnord maintenance manuals.

If your business is in need of Document Solutions, Crossroads Document Services can provide the following services with a great employment workforce at a fair cost in a reasonable amount of time:

  • High-speed production scanners with high output capacity
  • Large format production scanners with high volume capability
  • Book scanner capable of handling oversized ledgers
  • Professional imaging, OCR and indexing software
  • Microfilm / microfiche
  • Indexing / data entry
  • Conversion to multiple file formats
  • Secure, limited access to your information while in our possession

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