Assembly, Packaging, Fulfillment for Skydex

Crossroads Industrial Services in Indianapolis provides product assembly, product packaging and repackaging, product testing for ETL standards and order fulfillment solution services for several companies, one of which is a company called Skydex.  

Skydex is a privately held technology company based in Denver, Colorado, that develops and manufactures protective materials that mitigate shock, vibration and energy forces for the most demanding military and commercial uses, and is dedicated to protecting things that matter.

Crossroads Industrial Services has been providing assembly of products, product packaging, repackaging and order fulfillment solution services to Skydex for over 10 years and at times, can employ up 3-5 full-time employees.

Crossroads has been directly involved in the assembly and packaging of Skydex’s helmet pads, knee & elbow pads and inserts and barrack mattresses.

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image of Skydex mattressimage of Skydex padsImage of Skydex packaged product

Partnership with Langham Logistics

As order fulfillment activities at Crossroads Industrial Services have grown over the years with companies like Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens and CVS, the level of shipping complexity has equally grown. Curtiss Quirin, COO, realized that Crossroads needed to focus on core competencies and work together with a logistics expert; at that point we turned to Langham Logistics for partnership.

Langham Logistics has been very responsive and they have built a program to fit our customers’ needs. According to Brian Wareham, Business Development Manager, 

“A true partnership between Crossroads Industrial Services and Langham Logistics has been created. When Crossroads needed assistance for deliveries to their big box customers, they called us. Langham Logistics developed a program to completely eliminate delivery chargebacks, reduce freight claims and have all shipments easily tracked and traced. This has provided a savings for Crossroads and improved their customer service. When Langham Logistics needed help evaluating one of their customer’s product return programs, they called on Crossroads to create a program for returned medical devices in order to repair the devices so that they could be placed back into the marketplace. The relationship has been equally beneficial to both organizations.” 

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 In addition to being  FDA and ETL registered, Crossroads Industrial Services also has the technical knowledge and capability to test electronic devices.

Meet William – Valuable and Versatile Employee

photo of William, Crossroads Industrial Services employeeWilliam began working at Crossroads Industrial Services 12 years ago as a production employee. He advanced within the organization to become a line leader, and he continues to excel with the diverse and ever-changing needs of his job. He quickly adapts to the duties needed in a company that provides assembly, packaging and supply chain solutions for businesses.

Crossroads Industrial Services provides industrial solutions for companies in our community and maintains a workforce where 80 percent of its employees are individuals with disabilities. William was diagnosed with a rare form of macular degneration that currently does not limit him on his job, but he knows that if his vision changes, he can seek assistance through job coaches or assistive technology.

“I have gained a lot more than money from this job; I now have an extended family,” said William.

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Scanning Partnership with Indianapolis Public Library

stack of books for scanningCrossroads Document Services is the scanning partner for the Indianapolis Public Library Digitization Project. As part of the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration, the Library is digitizing and cataloging historical collections from many different organizations, including our community’s fine arts groups such as the Symphony, the Chamber Orchestra and the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. We’ve been scanning for the Library for nearly a year now, and the process is exacting and time-consuming, involving high-resolution color scanning to produce images as close to the original as reasonably possible.

Each scanned page image is transcribed and cataloged by the Library staff before the collection is ready for online viewing. It takes months to prepare and complete each organization’s documents, and we’re just now seeing the fruits of our labor. The Indianapolis Philharmonic Orchestra collection has been posted on the Library’s Digital Indy site for viewing. (The page flip view is really cool!)

Meaghan Fukunaga, the Library’s Director of Digitization, brings us new material nearly every week, and we’re learning a lot about the history of Indianapolis as we help preserve these documents from the past and make them accessible for the future.